Hi there,

My name is Elias Bachaalany, hence the @0xeb nickname which is also the opcode for the short jump instruction. I also go by the nickname lallousx86. It is apparent now that I really like the Intel x86 assembly language 😉

It was my first low level language, after learning Pascal and C.

I am a long time IDA Pro user and an ex-employee of Hex-Rays. You can see some of my blog posts at Hexblog.com.

I am the founder of PassingTheKnowledge, a one man self-publishing company. So far, I have co-authored two books:

…and published my first book “Batchography: The Art of Batch files Programming” with PassingTheKnowledge as a minimal viable product. As it turned out, the book was more than a prototype and I am very proud and happy with it. I am positive and excited to work on more books and self-publishing them in the future.

Stay tuned!

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